This list provides a variety of Irish films that were offered during the course.

Neil Jordan, 1998 (based on a grim novel by Patrick McCabe about a young boy who is emotionally lost)

Peter Mullan, 2008 (about teenage girls locked away and forced to work in laundries run by nuns)

Ken Loach: The Wind that Shakes the Barley; 2006 (based on the war of independence. 1919-22)

Tom Collins: Kings, 2007 (a group of friends from Connemara meet again, thirty years after leaving Connemara for London; bi-lingual Irish and English)

Trailer. Martin McDonagh, 2008 (likeable gangsters, a very dark comedy, shot in Bruges)

Hunger (trailer): Steve McQueen, 2008 (based on the 1981 hunger strike in Northern Ireland.

Man of Aran: Robert O´Flaherty, 1934 (combination fiction and documentary about life on the Aran Islands in the early twentieth century)

Father Ted: TV series, written by Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews, 1995-1996. A commedy series about three imperfect priests living on an island. Very funny :)

Inside I´m Dancing (trailer): Damien O´Donnell, 2004 (tragic-comic story of two young wheelchair-bound young men seeking an independent life)

The Dead: John Huston, 1987 (based on a story from Dubliners by Joyce)

Dancing at Lughnasa: Pat OĆonnor, 1998 (based on a play by Brian Friel, about a family of five women in economically depressed 1930s Ireland)

Some Mother´s Son: Terry George, 1996 (about the 1981 hunger strike in Northern Ireland)

Some more selected Irish films:

  • The Quiet Man - John Ford, 1952 (classic Irish-American romance set in Connemara)


  • The Quare Fellow - Norman Cohen, 1968 (based on a play by Brendan Behan avout the hanging of an innocent man)


  • Rocky Road to Dublin - Peter Lennon and Raoul Coutard, 1968 (critical look at the state of Ireland since independence)


  • Ryan´s Daughter - David Lean, 1970 (spectacular scenery of Dingle, Co. Kerry, wonderful soundtrack, romantic drama set during the War of Independence)


  • Philadelphia here I Come - John Quested, 1975 (based on a play by Brian Friel, the eve of a young man´s departure for America)


  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - Joseph Strick, 1977 (adaptation of Joyce´s novel)


  • Cal - Pat O´Connor, 1984 (based on a novella about the North of Ireland by Bernard McLaverty)


  • Angel - Neil Jordan, 1982 (about the way violence destroys those who use it, even against wrong-doers)
  • Ulysses - Joseph Strick, 1967 (adaptation of Joyce´s novel)
  • My Left Foot - Jim Sheridan, 1989 (based on the autobiography of Christy Brown, who was born with cerebral palsy)
  • The Field - Jim Sheridan, 1990 (based on a play about the passion for land, by J. B. Keane)
  • The Commitments - Alan Parker, 1991 (based on a book by Roddy Doyle about a band. One of the Barrestown trilogy)