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Brian Friel: Translations

A three-act play written in 1980. The play is set in the village of Ballybeg, in County Donegal, in 1833. The local hedge school is run by the learned but alcoholic Hugh, helped by his lame sin, Manus. The English government have just established a national school in the area and he is going to apply for the position of headmaster. In addition to Irish, Latin and Greek are spoken in the school. Most of the students are adults, of varying abilities.

The play is largely about language.


Patrick Kavanagh: The Great Hunger

The poem escribes the privations and hardship of the rural life Kavanagh knew well.


Stephen McGarry: Napoleon´s Irish Legion


Declan Kiberd: Inventing Ireland

např: Thirty-Three - Friel Translating


Ita Daly: The Lady with the red shoes

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